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Latest rink update!

The Bracknell Bees, along with the John Nike Leisuresport Complex management are pleased to be able to today give a positive update to their fans and visiting fans on the ongoing rink issues and repairs at The Hive.

Firstly, the traditional “away” section of The Hive, downstairs in Block 2, has now re-opened with the issues having been resolved.   This means that we are now in a position to seat the visiting away fans downstairs again in the usual block.  We thank the Bracknell Bees season ticket holders in those previously affected upstairs blocks for their patience and understanding over the last few weeks and also hope that visiting fans will be pleased to be back in the traditional “away” block.

Secondly, the air handling unit, which controls temperature and therefore the condensation is, we have been informed by the John Nike Leisuresport Complex management, now fully functional and working well.  Further to this any condensation or fogging issues should now also be resolved going forward.

Next the temperature around the rink, which has been at a low level since the start of the season, has now returned to normal levels for The Hive following recent work being completed to the heating infrastructure.   This should mean fans are able to enjoy the game in a much more comfortable warm environment.

Finally the temporary scoreboard situation has been improved by bringing in a large screen to the front of the platform above the AV room with the projector at the rear meaning that the scoreboard should be visible to more fans, except those on the same side of the rink as the scoreboard.   Our match night announcer Scott Collier will continue to give regular time shout outs during the game for those who are not in a position to see the current scoreboard.   The relocation of the temporary scoreboard will also mean that the Live Streaming team will no longer be obstructing the view of the temporary scoreboard.   We have tried to keep the disruption to a minimum when we are live streaming or filming games but unfortunately the manpower required to film, stream and commentate on the game simply means bodies are required and cannot help but block the scoreboard from view for some people – we again thank the fans for their understanding.

Whilst we all realise that the ongoing issues have been far from ideal the club would like to thank all supporters for their patience at this time whilst these issues have and continue to be addressed by the John Nike Leisuresport Complex team.   The Bracknell Bees management would like to pass on our appreciation to the John Nike Leisuresport Complex team for working through the issues to provide a better match night experience for the clubs supporters.

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